Pro-Sweep Chimney Services -  "We keep fire in its place"

We use the rotary method of chimney cleaning to remove all stages of creosote in the safest way possible.  We use Hepa rated filters in all vacuums with multiple tarps around your fireplace to protect your house during the cleaning process.

Creosote accumulation can occur quickly when 
burning wet or unseasoned firewood. 
All fireplaces and stoves should be inspected yearly  
and cleaned for optimum safety and function.

Chimney fires can exceed 2000 degrees and if the fireplace system is compromised it can result in a 
catastrophic structure fire.

Fireplaces with as little as 15 years of use can have defects under normal use due to deterioration of the system. The majority of house fires related to heating appliances are due to improper maintenance and/or improper installation.

Remember you have fire in your house.  It requires your 
full attention.  Please burn safe.

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