Pro-Sweep Chimney Services -  "We keep fire in its place"
Service & Repairs

 We service and repair all makes and models of wood, gas and pellet stoves and fireplaces.

We also take care of the following:
  • Fireplace smoking problems
  • Door gaskets
  • Door glass replacement
  • Wind directional caps
  • Pipe replacement
  • Firebrick replacement for firebox
  • Door handle and hinge repair
  • Welding repairs
  • Glazed creosote removal
  • Baffle blanket replacement
  • Repaint stoves
  • Masonry repair and waterproofing


We clean clothes dryer vents.  Have Pro-Sweep clean your dryer vent to prevent dryer fires which are becoming a large fire risk.
 Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning

We clean the entire system from the lint trap to the exhaust termination. We inspect for leaks and make repairs when necessary. A clean venting system means faster drying times and energy saved. Clothes dryers should be cleaned and inspected every 2 yrs. 
depending on use.

We clean roofs and gutters.  To prevent roof fires from chimney fires and/or forest fires have your roof cleaned of leaves and tree debris regularly.
Roof & Gutter Cleaning 
We also clean your roof and rain gutters. The same quality of workmanship is performed on the roof as is in your home.

 We can clean up completely after ourselves or we offer a reduced price if you the homeowner want to assist on the ground and rake up.
                                         Fire Safety Tips 

Fire Extinguisher for a safe heating season.  Pro-Sweep recommends multiple fire extinguishers in home and car and of course smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in every house.
 Know your fireplace
Use smoke alarms
Fire extinguishers
Use carbon monoxide alarms
Create an exit strategy
Clear exit paths in home
Emergency phone numbers
Visible street address
Replace your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries

Note: Most smoke alarms and fire extinguisher have a reliable life 
of less than 6 years