Pro-Sweep Chimney Services -  "We keep fire in its place"

 Wood Burning

Free Standing Stoves 
from $150

Masonry Fireplaces 
from $150

Prefabricated Metal Fireplaces
from $150.00

Fireplace Stove Inserts with direct connect

Hearth Stoves 
from $165

Wood Cook Stoves 
from $175

Wood Stove Inserts 
Old style stove inserts without flue connection
from $185

Free Standing/Inserts 
from $170


Free Standing Stoves or Fireplace Insert 
from $150

 Clothes Dryer Vents

 Standard Dryer 
from $135

 Roof & Gutter Cleaning

 Standard 1-story Roof 
from $150

Includes up to 150 lineal feet of gutter and includes blowing the roof off and ground cleanup.  

Gutters with gutter guards are extra and odd
multi tier roofs need onsite assessment.

The "Not so fine" Print

Prices are for same day payment or prepayment.

Invoiced and/or escrow accounts may incur an additional 
$25.00 billing charge.

 Prices are for single story residential homes.

Additional charges apply for steep, hard to access chimneys.  
A minimum $100.00 safety harness fee will apply.

 A small charge will be charged for designated outlying areas we serve to offset fuel and time.

  We reserve the right to cease cleaning/repair of systems that are found unsafe from improper installation and deterioration that can jeopardize the life and welfare of occupants.
A report of these safety hazards will be written up and a minimum service charge of $100.00 will be assessed.

Any unpaid balances will be subject to California law and reported monthly to all qualifying credit bureaus.